Venn Diagram tool coming soon

May 27, 2011 No Comments

I’m updating my old tool for teaching categorical transformations (conversion, obversion and contraposition) using Venn diagrams. I should be able to adapt it easily to demonstrate the relationships in the traditional square of opposition as well. Here’s the ‘master’ document that I’ve developed so far – it needs to be wrapped in instructions and various other ‘prettifying’ functions before I post it, but it is coming soon.

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The subject and predicate terms here are programmed dynamically, as is the form of the sentence (A, E, I, O). This master document will spawn a bunch of little ones, that will be wrap in tools that will let the user set their own categories before messing with the transformations, or setting the categories and then selecting the form, etc.

Comments – esp. those suggesting a good color – are welcome!

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