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Appeal To Confidence

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Appeal to Confidence: the opposite of fear – the threat isn’t as strong as it is made out, is a long way off, or isn’t irrational.

Appeal to Confidence, Definitional Matters
2004 Bush Ad – Changing World
2004 Bush Ad – 527 Progress for America: Ashley

Fake Expert

Fake Expert: A fallacious appeal to authority in which the 'expert' is not an expert at all.

Expert in the wrong domain

Expert in the wrong domain: a fallacious version of an appeal to authority - i.e. appealing to a doctor...

Slippery Slope

Slippery slope: If we take one step, we’ll have to take all the rest of them because there’s no...

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

Post hoc ergo propter hoc: “After this, therefore because of this”, a fallacy in reasoning about causes. (I took...

Poisoning The Well

Poisoning the well: Telling the audience what to think of a speaker when you’re introducing the speaker (My next...