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Michael J Fox For Claire McCaskill
Classic ‘Keep America Beautiful’ PSA

Classic ‘Keep America Beautiful’ PSA

July 13, 2011 No Comments

The classic PSA from ‘Keep America Beautiful’, aired starting in 1971.

This aired starting on Earth Day, 1971 on broadcast television. It’s effect in the US was profound, both on littering behavior as well as reinforcing the simplistic stereotypes …

Sears – Extreme Makeover Tie-in
eHarmony – African American Version
eHarmony.com – Proposal

eHarmony.com – Proposal

April 1, 2011 No Comments

More cute couples, but in this one, one of the guys proposes right on the set. Now who wouldn't want part of that?

eHarmony.com basic

eHarmony.com basic

March 31, 2011 No Comments

One of the first ads from eHarmony. Lots of cute pictures of a loving couple who were matched by this internet-based matchmaker.  Fantasically entertaining stuff!

The Economist Visual Fallacy

The Economist Visual Fallacy

March 28, 2011 No Comments

The Economist ran this photoshopped photo of Obama on its cover on June 19th, 2010.  Digitally removing coast guard admiral Thad Allen and local parish president Charlotte Randolph gives the impression of a depressed, worried president, instead of a …

Thermos: buy this or your baby will die!

Thermos: buy this or your baby will die!

July 13, 2010 No Comments

Collected by Boing Boing, this fabulous undated bit of advertising hits all the right notes: appeal to fear and appeal to authority at the same time!

Fake Expert

Fake Expert: A fallacious appeal to authority in which the 'expert' is not an expert at all.

Expert in the wrong domain

Expert in the wrong domain: a fallacious version of an appeal to authority - i.e. appealing to a doctor...

Slippery Slope

Slippery slope: If we take one step, we’ll have to take all the rest of them because there’s no...

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

Post hoc ergo propter hoc: “After this, therefore because of this”, a fallacy in reasoning about causes. (I took...

Poisoning The Well

Poisoning the well: Telling the audience what to think of a speaker when you’re introducing the speaker (My next...