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Bill O’Reilly – Katrina

Bill O’Reilly – Katrina

May 11, 2011 No Comments

The 'Talking Points' memo from September 2005, during the aftermath of Katrina.

Freud on Robert’s Dream Theory

Freud on Robert’s Dream Theory

March 6, 2011 No Comments

In The Interpretation of Dreams, Ch V (p. 210-211 of the Avon edition, Strachey translation, Freud argues:

And there is another objection that can be raised to Robert's theory. If it were really the business of dreams to relieve our memory of the 'dregs' or daytime recollections by a special psychical activity, our sleep would be more tormented and harder worked than our mental life while we are awake. For the number of indifferent impressions from which our memory would need to be protected is clearly immensely large: the night would not be long enough to cope with such a mass. It is far more likely that the process of forgetting indifferent impressions goes forward without the active intervention of our psychical forces.

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